New Poll Based Upon a Realistic Voter Turnout = 34% D, 33% R, 33% I(ndependent): Trump (44%) vs. Hillary (38%)


[Note: Establishment Media Surveys Poll Registered and Likely Voters 2 to 1 Democrat vs Republican and Independent. The percentages here are much fairer, though skewed toward Democrat and Independent. There are actually more self-identified Independents than there are Republican OR Democrat put together. The Two-Party Dinosaur is on its way to the tar pit. -Ed]

The Survey, conducted August 13-17, was a sample of 1,405 likely voters, of which 475 were Democrats (34%), 462 were Republicans (33%), and 468 were Independent or Other (33%).

Donald Trump with forty-four percent (44%) support to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s thirty-eight (38%).

Aug 18 Poll A


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