Jill Stein Interview: CNN edited out discussion of the Clinton Foundation, special deals, favors, etc.


CNN edited out discussion of the Clinton Foundation, special deals, favors, and the sale of 20% of strategic uranium reserves to Russia.

NOW THE UNEDITED VERSION [captured by Washington Free Beacon]:

For comparison.

CNN – official video

edit at 00:27, cuts out over 1 min of discussion mid interview.

CNN – WFB caps – unedited video footage

00:00-00:43 – CNN official video > removed
00:44-01:04 – CNN official video > present
01:05-02:32 – CNN official video > removed – discusses Clinton Foundation, uranium sale, etc
02:33-03:12 – CNN official video > present

00:42-end – edited out of CNN official video (CNN host deflects, pivots to Donald Trump)


“CNN Vice President and Washington deputy bureau chief Virginia Moseley is married to Hillary’s Deputy Secretary, Tom Nides.“

Virginia Moseley – CNN

Tom Nides (Thomas R. Nides)
former COO of Morgan Stanley – Deputy Secretary under Hillary at State from Jan 2011-2013.

Tom Nides was a go between for Hillary, Bill Clinton, and the Clinton Foundation setting up “business meetings” with Hillary’s billionaire “friends.” He’s referenced in one of the judicialwatch.org press releases discussed further in the linked Washington Post article below.


Clinton’s telephone call with Amr also contained a curious reference to what the former secretary referred to as a “very successful investment visit led by my deputy Tom Nides, and on the very day they left this series of incidents began to unfold.” According to the Washington Post, Nides, who was deputy secretary for management and resources at the State Department, was at the same time responsible for “communications with donors” to the Clinton Foundation. Nides was also involved in the scandal involving Clinton’s efforts to provide special access to State Department officials for hedge fund clients of her son-in-law, Marc Mezinsky.

Nides returned to Morgan Stanley, but is closely linked to Hillary’s 2016 campaign.


“When voters realize there’s a choice between two candidates with two very complete different visions of America, she shines,” said Tom Nides, who worked under Clinton at the State Department and remains close to the campaign.


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