Hillary Clinton is FINISHED… her campaign is in free-fall… down hill from here.


Poor Hillary. Gezz, this is almost sad to watch.

She can’t get anyone to show up at a rally.

She says “Trump is still Trump” like it’s a bad thing… well, no shit bitch, that’s why we love him.

She’s running a one-note “Why Trump is Crazy” campaign with nothing new or positive to say, while Trump reaches out every week to new voters and proposes new policies.

Email scandal worsening.

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Boston Globe says Hillary better shut down Clinton Foundation if she wins due to conflicts of interest — even Libturd papers are calling out what a corrupt cunt she is.

Internet is ablaze with questions about her health.

People are wise to the media hate and bias against Trump, not working anymore.

Now here come the debates, and Trump is gonna mop the floor with her.

She’s already blown through $100 Million in TV ads and has barely chipped away at Trump.


Trump is on a trajectory headed DUE NORTH from here on out.


…and let’s not forget her obvious medical condition / seizures.

A Million Dollar Bounty is Being Offered For Hillary’s ‘True’ Health Records.

Is Something Wrong With Hillary: Bizarre Behavior, Seizure Allegations Raise Doubts About Her Health


Expert Analysis Finds Hillary Clinton’s Recent Seizures a Sign of Brain Damage

BREAKING POLL: Crooked Hillary Keeps Sliding – Up by One Over Trump


New Photos; Poor Hillary Propped Up by Pillows


Hillary’s Handler AKA DRUG DEALER, Disappears From Campaign Trail After Alt-Media Points Him Out


Milwaukee Burns, Louisiana Drowns, but Obama interrupts vacation to Fundraise for Hillary


Professor Norpoth: Trump has 87% of Winning November Election…


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