5 facts that should concern all Americans about what they found in Clinton’s FBI probe

Hillary Clinton

After the news of Hillary Clinton’s misuse of a private email server(s) leaked, many American citizens were left asking one question: Why should we care? While complex issues such as this one — especially dealing with government protocol — can be difficult to wrap one’s mind around, there are some very big reasons why Americans should care about the whole fiasco.

1.) Several different servers and devices were used

Hillary used multiple different devices over the course of her time in the State Department, frequently adopting new machines when old ones became outdated. As a result, there are numerous servers sitting around on machines that are no longer in use. Fragments of emails were discovered on these devices whenever they were searched for information. This is “gross negligence” defined.

2.) Over 100 emails were classified when they were sent on the server

Even though the liberal narrative — based on FBI director James Comey’s statement — claimed that none of the emails on Hillary’s server were classified, that simply isn’t true. 113 emails from over 50 email chains were deemed classified at the time they were sent. That’s a substantial amount.

3.) Thousands of work emails have already been deleted

Clinton claimed that all of the emails deleted were related to her personal life, but investigators discovered that thousands of emails related to Hillary’s position in the State Department were also deleted from her server. This has been referred to as a small oversight on her behalf, but it honestly seems more like an intentional lie from Crooked Hillary.

4.) Hillary’s private setup may have been hacked by foreign interests

Despite the fact that there’s no substantial evidence that Hillary’s private emails were hacked, the FBI officials stated that it’s certainly possible that they were. Given the fact that this would have allowed an endless amount of dangerous people to obtain access to vital information regarding national security, it’s a major, major problem that shouldn’t be swept under the rug.

5.) If it had been anyone else, they would have been charged

This is perhaps the most important reason of all. Had anyone else made such an egregious oversight, they would have been lambasted by the mainstream media and charged with multiple felonies. Hillary Clinton, however, is well above the law and doesn’t have to abide by the same rules as all of us lowly American citizens.






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